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Цю музику створено, аби допомогти Вам розслабитись, заспокоїтись, віднайти рівновагу та заземлитись під час прослуховування. Її задумано для слухання у навушниках; її можна слухати по колу, не відволікаючись, і тоді вона допоможе заснути. Деякі люди відмічають, що вона допомагає пом’якшити вплив напруги та травми наступного дня. З кожним прослуховуванням, пам’ятайте, що інші люди також слухають її, підключаючись таким чином до всесвіту, аби знайти мир та ясність.

This is music designed to help relax, calm, center, and ground those that listen to it. These tracks are built to be listened to with headphones (earbuds) — and to loop without any distraction so that they can help with sleep. Some claim that the music can help to lessen the effects of tensions and traumas from the previous day. With every listen, know that other people are also listening to this music, and also connecting with the universe to also find more peace and serenity.
202107 Session
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Sun Clouds
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HighFreq - Major Light
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HighFreq - Modal Relax
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LowFreq - Atonal Sleep
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MidFreq - Flowing Gentle
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MidFreq F - Sleep 2
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MidFreq - Gentle Loud
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MidFreq - Sleep CatsPurr
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If you can share the music or the thought of the music with others, letting others know can make your intention more powerful. Intentions may sound like: “I am releasing the things that I have no control over”, “Others in the universe know me, and are listening with me, and care about me.”, “My voice and our voices are important and deserve to be heard as loudly as can be imagined!”, “There is no compromise when it comes to our soul’s freedom”, “I get to have all my emotions, and I get to listen when I want, where I want, as I want, and they make me stronger”.

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